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US-7864799-B2: Communication device patent, US-8055655-B1: User interaction based related digital content items patent, US-8093932-B2: Power-on reset signal generation circuit of semiconductor memory apparatus patent, US-8223739-B2: Method and apparatus of dynamic bandwidth management patent, US-8302046-B1: Compact modeling of circuit stages for static timing analysis of integrated circuit designs patent, US-8432279-B2: Multi-stage color activated system to detect unauthorized processing of medical devices patent, US-8433705-B1: Facet suggestion for search query augmentation patent, US-8442585-B2: Wireless device grouping via common attribute patent, US-8475313-B2: Bicycle with output in constant rotating direction and having internal rocker arm epicycle wheel set patent, US-8552503-B2: Strained silicon structure patent, US-6717680-B1: Apparatus and method for phase-shifting interferometry patent, US-7080592-B2: Rotating cylinder patent, US-7180972-B1: Clock signal circuitry for multi-protocol high-speed serial interface circuitry patent, US-7236591-B2: Method for performing turbo decoding in mobile communication system patent, US-7260748-B2: Physical layer loop back method and apparatus patent, US-7280330-B2: ESD protection for RF power amplifier circuits patent, US-7553960-B2: Phthalocyanine compound patent, US-7586361-B2: Semiconductor device comprising a charge pump operated by clock signals patent, US-7679582-B2: Method for driving a plasma display panel patent, US-7783357-B2: Dual battery arrangement for an automated external defibrillator patent, US-7783601-B2: Replicating and sharing data between heterogeneous data systems patent, US-7983162-B1: Aggregate maximum throughput for groups of service flows patent, US-8099631-B2: Call-stacks representation for easier analysis of thread dump patent, US-8166736-B2: Crop-conditioning apparatus having hydraulic tension mechanism patent, US-8209176-B2: System and method for latency reduction for automatic speech recognition using partial multi-pass results patent, US-8229964-B2: Ad hoc workflow patent, US-8269943-B2: Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8389885-B2: Dome shaped spring and switch patent, US-8485871-B2: Meat fabrication system and method patent, US-6812253-B2: 4-Fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical patent, US-6886930-B2: Ink cartridge and ink jet record apparatus using the ink cartridge patent, US-6918289-B2: Air pressure information display device of vehicle tire patent, US-6932368-B1: Apparatus for harnessing wind to drive a bicycle patent, US-7047203-B2: Personal security tracking system patent, US-7073693-B2: Drawstringing kit patent, US-7142406-B2: Electrostatic chuck of semiconductor fabrication equipment and method for chucking wafer using the same patent, US-7223268-B2: Locking device for securing a rod-shaped element in a holding element connected to a shank patent, US-7275476-B2: Oscillating motor for a camshaft adjusting device patent, US-7292291-B2: Flat panel display having integral heater, EMI shield, and thermal sensors patent, US-7303396-B2: Split implant for dental reconstruction patent, US-7354082-B2: Bumper structure for vehicle patent, US-7361045-B1: Locking device for an electrical receptacle patent, US-7419330-B2: Apparatus for the creation of outer surfaces for structures patent, US-7488246-B2: Super royal video poker patent, US-7607297-B2: Total power controller patent, US-7613524-B2: Winged electrode body for spinal cord stimulation patent, US-7658182-B2: Canister mounting structure in power generating apparatus patent, US-7666044-B2: Method of supplying oil from a floating production structure to an offloading buoy via a thermally insulated flexible transfer duct patent, US-7677994-B2: Ball throwing and retrieving device patent, US-7722577-B2: Bubble free—self primed IV set patent, US-7885772-B2: Method and apparatus for the calculation of coal ash fusion values patent, US-7974348-B2: Two-wire serial handshaking communication interface and method thereof patent, US-8283493-B2: Process for the production of acetic acid patent, US-8310856-B2: Ferroelectric memories based on arrays of autonomous memory bits patent, US-8328577-B1: Coaxial cable connector patent, US-6854148-B1: Four-wheel-drive automatic swimming pool cleaner patent, US-6923166-B2: Supercharging assembly for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle patent, US-6928856-B2: Apparatus and methods for interfacing acoustic testing apparatus with acoustic probes and systems patent, US-6959473-B1: Woodwork removal device patent, US-6982737-B2: Printing method and apparatus patent, US-7043296-B1: Bioelectric signal detector and massage machine patent, US-7128387-B2: Droplet discharging device and manufacturing method of microcapsule patent, US-7242766-B1: Method and system for encrypting and decrypting data using an external agent patent, US-7317835-B2: Image processing method and apparatus patent, US-7429737-B2: Retrofit digital mammography detector patent, US-7439997-B2: System and method for controlling a multi-function digital media drive patent, US-7454968-B2: Wind-powered wireless (RF) anemometer patent, US-7538996-B2: Circuit with protection against electrostatic destruction patent, US-7559693-B2: Method and apparatus for x-ray alignment patent, US-7870939-B2: Magnetorheological clutch patent, US-7963172-B2: Multiphase flowmeter using a combination of pressure differentials and ultrasound doppler readings patent, US-8126552-B2: Measurement of cardiac information for CRT optimziation in the presence of conduction dysfunction or atrial arrhythmia patent, US-8246605-B2: Clear flush check flow patent, US-8318637-B2: Herbicide/azole combination patent, US-7379292-B2: Electronic device patent, US-7636187-B2: Optical shutter for display device, image display apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing the optical shutter patent, US-7689279-B2: Pacing device for minimizing ventricular pauses after delivery of atrial anti-tachycardia pacing therapy patent, US-7963751-B2: Electromagnetic reciprocating fluid device patent, US-8052273-B2: Ink jet recording apparatus patent, US-8064325-B1: Concurrent frequency-sharing multi-user communication system with rate allocation approach patent, US-8443959-B2: Coin processing apparatus patent, US-8468177-B2: Content based approach to extending the form and function of a business intelligence system patent, US-8556019-B2: Hybrid saddle-type vehicle patent, US-6895785-B2: Yarn carrier of weft knitting device patent, US-6947605-B2: Dynamic chain-based thresholding using local characteristics patent, US-7401506-B2: Measurement method and device for the measurement of a path covered patent, US-7430994-B2: Cylinder head and combustion engine comprising a cylinder head patent, US-7605366-B2: Nuclear density gauge patent, US-2013082824-A1: Feedback response patent, US-7814567-B2: Protective garment having a quick release system patent, US-7867709-B2: Method for detecting cancer and method for suppressing cancer patent, US-7886889-B2: Method and device for accepting banknotes patent, US-7918833-B2: Pen-type injector patent, US-8036327-B2: Adaptive channel measurement reporting patent, US-8054118-B2: System and method patent, US-8112615-B1: Single cycle reduced complexity CPU patent, US-8279264-B2: Method for photographic panoramic image when threshold exceeds comparison between current and previous images patent, US-8459591-B2: Methods and apparatus for aerial recovery of flying apparatus patent, US-8526021-B2: Server, control method thereof and storage medium for assisting image processing apparatus in error recovery patent, US-7506628-B2: Balancing shaft unit and associated bearing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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