Placing position of manuscript of personal computer



【課題】パソコンの原稿がパソコンの画面のすぐ横にありパソコンの画面と原稿を視やすい様にした、原稿の置き場所を提供する。 【解決手段】デスク型やノート型のパソコンの裏側の、棒の入った容器イから棒ロを横に引き出して、原稿をピン等で止めて、原稿がパソコンと同じ高さであり又すぐ横にある様にして、パソコンの作業に当たり原稿を視やすい様にした。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a placing position of a manuscript of a personal computer, in which the manuscript of the personal computer is adjacent to a screen of the computer, so that a user can view easily the screen of the computer and the manuscript.SOLUTION: A rod is laterally drawn from a container storing the bar, on a rear side of a personal computer which is a desk or notebook type computer, a manuscript is held with a pin or the like, and the manuscript is placed at height equal to that of the personal computer or is adjacent laterally to the computer, so that a user can easily view the manuscript when performing a personal computer work.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3




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