Zoom lens barrel and optical device including the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a zoom lens barrel capable of shortening the entire length of a zoom cam ring with a simple structure to achieve reduction in size, and an optical device including the same.SOLUTION: A zoom lens barrel includes: a focus lens frame moving in an optical axis direction in zooming and focusing; a focus cam ring moving the focus lens frame in the optical axis direction by rotation; a key member transmitting a rotating force to the focus cam ring by rotation; a zoom lens frame moving in the optical axis direction together with the focus cam ring; a first rotation transmitting part provided in the focus cam ring; and a second rotation transmitting part engaged with the first rotation transmitting part and provided in the key member. When the focus cam ring is rotated by the rotation of the key member during focusing and the zoom lens frame is moved in the optical axis direction together with the focus cam ring during zooming, the focus cam ring is rotated by relative position changes of the first and second rotation transmitting parts in the optical axis direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 7
【課題】簡単な構成でズームカム環の全長を短くして小型化が図れるズームレンズ鏡筒およびこれを用いた光学機器を提供する 【解決手段】ズーム及びフォーカスで光軸方向に移動するフォーカスレンズ枠と、回転によりフォーカスレンズ枠を光軸方向に移動させるフォーカスカム環と、回転によりフォーカスカム環に回転力を伝えるキー部材と、フォーカスカム環と共に光軸方向に移動するズームレンズ枠と、フォーカスカム環に設けられる第1の回転伝達部と、第1の回転伝達部と係合し、キー部材に設けられる第2の回転伝達部と、を有し、フォーカスに際し、キー部材の回転によりフォーカスカム環を回転させ、ズームに際し、ズームレンズ枠をフォーカスカム環と共に光軸方向に移動させるとき、第1、第2の回転伝達部の光軸方向の相対位置変化によってフォーカスカム環を回転させる。 【選択図】図7




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